Data Lab Team


Who we are? 👋

Dentsu Data Labs (DDL) is dentsu’s expert team of data-driven marketing both offline and online.

Extras at the DDL team

  • Extensive data competence
  • We understand and explain
  • We are up-to-date on the latest digital trends
  • We are constantly learning
  • Market research, predictive models, Python? Try any of them with us

Main professional fields of the DDL team 🛠

  • Data warehouse construction: During the project, a warehouse containing media data – that is suitable for reporting and benchmarking tasks – will be created. The base of the project is made of NDAP scripts, which are transforming the downloaded data into a unified form for all different platforms and will upload it to the Postgresql database.
  • Econometric modeling: Market Mix Modeling is the only tool capable of optimizing several variables simultaneously within a complex system. We analyze large amount of data in multivariate regression models so we can tell exactly what and how contributed to the business results.
  • Web&App analytics: We prepare measurement strategy for websites and applications, taking into account the individual needs of the platform and also the client. We implement the tracking based on these plans, mostly using Google Tag Manager. If the needs require it, we also create unique measurement solutions.
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): ‘The story behind the data’: we identify why different interactions happen on websites/apps and propose ways to improve efficiency. We help increase traffic with campaign efficiency indicators and ROI calculations.
  • Data visualization and dashboards: We create easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards from complex data. We combine various online (e.g. social media, website) and offline data sources in interactive reports, primarily with the help of PowerBI or Google Data Studio.
  • Customer segments, personas and journeys: we create customer segments from our own research and industry databases, and analyze them based on media usage and attitudes. If required, we can also create and profile target groups using clustering from large databases.



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